We work hard to
develop and deliver
the best solutions in cement, ready-mix, and aggregates.

We are the leading manufacturer

For more than 15 years Kiwa Industries Limited has helped owners enjoy the process of building. At Kiwa, we not only provide high quality building materials but we put our clients first with ideas to save money, time and hassle. While other companies in the same business have come and gone, Kiwa Industries has evolved into one of the largest building material

suppliers in Uganda. We aim at providing quality building materials as well as meeting our clients� budget, no matter how large or small. We offer a variety of products including different colors of concrete roofing tiles and ridges, paving blocks, wall cladding tiles, facial slabs, road kerbs and floor cladding tiles. Kiwa products offer economy, elegance, variety, durability and protection.


Our portfolio can make all potential customers feel confident about our products.


We test the limits of creativity every single day to meet the most demanding minds out there.


We strive for excellence using our aspects that range from strategy and leadership, to safety and climate change.

We create solutions

Putting your needs first

Our organization pays special attention and emphasis on putting the customer’s priorities ahead of anything else, and we provide a personalized customer experience.

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